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Just for CARLA Users

Not long ago we hinted at better workflow ahead for VectorZero RoadRunner and CARLA users. Now we can break cover and reveal some key improvements to the powerful, collaborative workflow enabled by both products. We got tons of great feedback from passionate users (THANK YOU!) asking for better, easier, faster iteration cycles between the two popular tools for Autonomous Vehicle Simulation. Check it out...

Now in VectorZero RoadRunner 2019.1:

1. A new CARLA export option has been added directly to RoadRunner. This new export option exports the FBX, OpenDRIVE, and our metadata files to a single location specified by the user. Easy, organized, clean so you can iterate more efficiently.

2. We've created a new Unreal Engine plugin to minimize the setup needed inside the CARLA Unreal project. After simply importing the FBX into Unreal, the scene is ready to go in CARLA. Magic.

Keep the feedback coming and #OwnTheRoads

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