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VectorZero Announces Collaboration with DeepMap to Support HD Mapping Formats

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

As we continue to pioneer workflows valuable to autonomous vehicle simulation, supporting HD Map formats is high priority. All of you–our customers–have stressed the need for utilizing high fidelity map information to drive accurate simulations.

We are proud to announce that we are collaborating with DeepMap to integrate their highly accurate and precise HD Mapping and Localization data into popular autonomous driving simulators. This is the first format in our new HD Map import pipeline; we plan to expand our supported formats gradually.

VectorZero is developing an advanced pipeline for converting between popular HD Map formats, like DeepMap, and common simulator formats, such as OpenDRIVE.

This pipeline enables us to import DeepMap's real-world HD map data into VectorZero RoadRunner, which automatically generates visual scene data and exports to a variety of visual and semantic formats. This provides a path to simulate autonomous driving systems on real-world locations in popular simulators such as CARLA, VIRES VTD, and others.

RoadRunner's advanced road modeling capabilities provide the ability to modify and expand the road network and surrounding environments. When combined with DeepMap's data, RoadRunner enables generation and manipulation of real-world simulation environments for rapid "hypothesize-modify-simulate" iterations.

We are now offering HD Map data conversion as-a-service. If you would like to import DeepMap data or discuss support for other HD Map formats (public or proprietary), then please contact us to learn more!

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