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Wait...A FREE OpenDRIVE Viewer?

We've been hearing about a need for better viewing of OpenDRIVE data. As part of our mission to democratize road modeling, we see this as an opportunity to help out.

We are rather happy to let the OpenDRIVE community know that the demo version of RoadRunner now has a GIS tool for OpenDRIVE. This new functionality is available in both the demo version, which can now act as a free OpenDRIVE viewer and the full version which allows exporting of OpenDRIVE and much more. Also remember that RoadRunner is available on both Windows (7 x64 or newer), Linux (Ubuntu x64 16.04)

This functionality allows you to pull in OpenDRIVE files in order to easily visualize the data which is of course correctly geolocated. Like the OpenDRIVE Export Preview Tool (which is part of the full version), you can explore the OpenDRIVE data, click on lanes and roads, see topology information, and explore objects in the scene.

OpenDRIVE Network
OpenDRIVE Network

The viewer has search functionality and a built-in tool that runs a suite of validations on the OpenDRIVE data creating links that identify the location of potential issues.

Finally, for those interested in building on or modifying the OpenDRIVE data, a handy little button exists to import the OpenDRIVE scene into VectorZero RoadRunner as roads.

As we say, #OwnTheRoads.

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