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Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Did you know that in the US there are somewhere between 3.4 and 8 parking spots allocated per car on the road? Prioritizing parking functionality, you probably guessed, did not require too much debate. You could also argue that we should have developed parking first, but good things take time. Not to mention, how useful are parking lots without roads?

So, a small round of applause please, as we introduce the shiny new Parking Tool in VectorZero RoadRunner 2019.2 

VectorZero RoadRunner Parking Lot
VectorZero RoadRunner Parking Lot

Now, the details. The Parking Tool is purpose-built for creating parking lots, parallel parking, or individual parking spaces.

  • You can specify the dimensions of the spaces, the separation between parking spaces, and the angle of the spaces.

  • Visually, you can set the paint color and width as well as add stencils for parallel parking spaces.

  • Now, creating a parking lane will automatically create parking spaces along the lane – all you need to do is set the size of the spaces and any desired markings.

  • You can also draw a free-form parking space which will automatically place parking on the left and/or right side of your curve.

Finally, any parking spaces created are exported to OpenDRIVE including the size and markings of the space. For ultimate control, you can always bake the parking curve into individual points to precisely adjust the points and edges and/or add more detailed paint markings to match the real-world scene.

VectorZero RoadRunner Parking OpenDRIVE
VectorZero RoadRunner Parking OpenDRIVE

VectorZero RoadRunner 2019.2 featuring the new Parking Tool is available immediately to all maintenance customers. Contact us at support@vectorzero.io.


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