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RoadRunner 2019 is here!

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

If we're keeping track, not much rest was taken by our amazing team on their way to deliver our best version yet. It contains many user-requested enhancements, workflow optimizations and some very useful upgrades. Now the fun part...what's new?

  • OpenDRIVE Import with editing capability 🙂

  • Major enhancements to OpenDRIVE export including: Signals, Signs, Shoulders & Sidewalks in Intersections and U-turns.

  • Improved Markings such as: A New Layered Marking System (with point, curve & polygon options), Restricted Zones, Dirt, Oil Stains, Cracks, and more.

  • Improved Road & Intersection creation features including: A New On/Off Ramp Tool, Carriageway Split Tool, Crosswalks, Marking Clipping, Road Chop, Center Offset Tool, Lane Tool Improvements & Tangents.

  • Improved GIS configuration & viewing with better support for incorporating multiple GIS data sets like imagery, elevations & LiDAR simultaneously.

  • Vector support from Open Street Map (OSM), SHP & GeoJSon to be use as reference data.

  • New import and export formats like glTF, OSG, IVE and OpenFlight for more flexibility bringing props in and getting scenes out.

VectorZero RoadRunner 2019 is available immediately to all maintenance customers. To get your hands on RoadRunner 2019 contact us at info@vectorzero.io. Own the Roads.

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