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Who won?

Over the summer we were tipped off that you guys are creating some impressive work using VectorZero RoadRunner. To celebrate, we held a contest using our social channels to reward the best example. We are proud to recognize Nautilus International Risk Consultants Limited as the winner. Here’s their submission which stood out to our team as a great example of what’s possible with VectorZero RoadRunner:

"Nautilus International Risk Consultants Limited is responsible for The Multi-Agency Surveillance Simulator (MAST) project, funded through UK innovation funding. It is primarily for the forces within the UK Ministry of Defense. The project involved creating terrain over 15 linear Kilometers of a UK Geo-specific town, with all of the road networks encompassed within it. There are more than 5000+ 3D CAD models of the geo-specific region and over 50 UK specific vehicles that have been modeled. The project enables the UK Ministry of Defense, UK Police forces and UK Security Services to practice surveillance tactics, techniques & procedures, stop and search, and advanced blue light driving. The networked MAST systems are fully capable of allowing professionals to exit the surveillance vehicle to follow any subject of interest on foot within Virtual Reality. HTC Vive Pro head-mounted VR displays are used in conjunction with MAST. Not only does this capability save these professionals and organizations a significant amount of money from their training budgets, but it has also been proven to de-risk training and improve surveillance training pass rates. VectorZero RoadRunner has enabled the companies involved to create a very complex road network, which is not only millimeter accurate, it allows for accurate artificial intelligence vehicles and people to go about their daily pattern of life. Based on the Unity gaming engine and the reviews the application has received, there is nothing else on the global market that comes anywhere near this futuristic capability. Without VectorZero RoadRunner software this project would not have been possible to create within the compressed timeframes. A UK Ministry of Defense spokesperson said that he thought this kind of technology was at least 5 years away. This is NOT a game, this is a game CHANGER." - Tim Rees-Eggert, Managing Director Nautilus-International

Bottom right, John - Lead 3D Modelling Artist. Top right, Zak - 3D Modelling Artist and Lead Scripter. Standing, Tim - Managing Director. Bottom left, Liam - 3D Modelling Artists.

The Dog is called Hudson or the HUD and often comes to work. Sporting VectorZero ‘cone’ dog collar. He also likes to chew them.

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