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Rapid, accurate, road & environment generation software for Automotive Simulation, Mapping, Urban Planning, Transportation, Entertainment, and Defense. Own the Roads.

RoadRunner allows anyone to create environments, realistic roads, and props easily. Generate complex road networks incorporating roundabouts, intersections, and bridges, customize signage, markings, and props, then publish to OpenDRIVE, Unreal, Unity or FBX and more for full flexibility.


Now Available for Windows (7 x64 or newer), Linux (Ubuntu x64 16.04) and more soon

Road & Environment Modeling

Create realistic, complex, in-terconnected road networks consisting of intersections, bridges, tunnels, roundabouts, turnouts, road markings and signs quickly and easily. Pave your roads.

Create road shape with curvature, vertical slope, and blends including cross-sectioning, banking,  and crowning.

Real-World Road Geometry

Resolve complex intersections featuring merges, splits, and roundabouts easily.

Complex Intersections

Detail road surfaces with lane markings, stencils and custom graphics.

Surface Markings

Detail Your Roads

Bring your world to life by adding customizable and localizable props such as barriers, signs, posts, lights, other road furniture, people* and traffic*. *Coming Soon

Customizable Props & Signs

Bring your world to life by adding customizable and localizable props such as barriers, signs, posts, lights, other road furniture, people* and traffic*. Detail your roads. *Coming Soon

Use our robust prop libraries or import your own FBX, OBJ & glTF* files to create your own props.

Quickly snap together components to build complex assemblies, then place and/or randomize props with tailor-made tools. *coming soon

Prop Assembly

RoadRunner Includes an integrated sign editor allowing you to combine text & graphics to build custom signs. Unicode is supported for creating international signs.

Sign Editor

Form dividers like fences, walls, and barriers easily with integrated extrusion tools that follow the rules of the road.


Functional Road Network

Roads, intersections, lanes, and signals automatically contain intelligence and are ready to use in simulation environments with traffic and pedestrians coming soon. Bring your roads to life.

Generate quality road networks with lane & intersection connectivity for use in automotive & traffic simulation and entertainment.

Complex Road Networks

Edit signal phases & timing with the integrated signal timeline and interactive viewport controls.

Traffic Signal Editor

Populate your world with dynamic traffic and pedestrians*. *Coming soon!

Traffic & Pedestrians

GIS Import

Start with real locations or get as creative as you'd like. Import aerial imagery, elevation data, LiDAR point clouds, and roadmaps to accurately represent physical locations, virtually to power any experience. Get road ready.

Import geolocated files to use as a reference then project roads & props onto elevation maps for accurate reconstruction.

Aerial Imagery & Elevation Data

Leverage existing imported LiDAR data as a foundation for laying roads and props accurately.


Point Clouds

Import popular map formats such as OpenStreetMap*,

SHP* (shape files), and HD-Map* formats *Coming Soon

Road Maps


Use the scenes you create for simulation, entertainment, architecture, visualization and artistic purposes with robust and variable LoD export options. Use your roads.

Export your creations to FBX, OBJ & glTF* optionally as tiles for use in a wide variety of other tools. *coming soon

Scene Geometry

Integrate with various industry simulation tools using OpenDRIVE 1.4 & 1.5* export. *coming soon


Unity & Unreal export retain traffic signal logic so that you can power engaging downstream experiences.

Unity & Unreal